How do I?

Hello Blog world, Here is my first shot at this…

I have decided that my family is going to have a spend free September.  That means no eating out, no shopping (I have not decided if I will be able to do my deals), no candy from machines, no drink stops, no nothing.

But… I have not decided how exactly to put this into motion.

During the rest of August, I am going to set dome goals and analyze our past spending.  Hopefully we will be able to put a nice wad of cash into savings.

I need to decide what I need to stockpile and what I will allow to be purchased during September.  Like milk, bread, fresh fruit, etc.  How will I pay for these items?  Will I alow a budget or will I need to return things or barter with friends/ family?

Ahhh and my deals.  It seems silly not to stockpile the September deals at Walgreens and CVS.  Should I only do freebies and money makers?  Could I use my money makers for milk and bread?

So, I am depending on all of the blog world to help me out.  I need suggestions on how to make September work and how to make this blog more functional, ie what is a widget?  and how do you use it, lol


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