Last Day of August- Mixed emotions

Last vacation to San Antonio, just me and the kiddos

August has been a wirl wind month. There was VBS, vacations, school shopping and of course school for all 3 kids. My oldest is in Elementary, middle in Pre-school and the baby is in MDO 2 days a week.

Here are a few things we have done to get ready for “Spend Free September”
*Grocery shopping- total spending was $430.00 for the month of August not bad for a family of 5
*I need to “fill up” the car tonight
*I have paid all of our monthly bills for September, ie. gas, water, electric, preschool, dance
Anything left unpaid, will be paid in October, ie. Cars, house- they are due on 23rd so they will be 7 days late, still in the grace period
*Let the house keeper “go” for the month, we’ll miss you Rosie! (she comes 2xmonth)
*Kids got hair cuts,($10 each) hopefully the Hubby goes tonight or he’ll be really shaggy for October (he is usually pretty shaggy)
*ordered diapers from 2 boxes of 176, one for $.53 and one for $10.53 shipped
*Had our “last meal” out on the 30th at C@sa Ole, 99 cent kids meals
*Ordered vinyl and transfer tape for my cricut, gotta have something to do 🙂

First Day of School 2010


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