Day 1- Slim down and Bulk up

Whew, day 1 was harder than i thought.

I forgot to mention another goal I have, use that gym membership, eat healthier and keep loosing weight. I lost 50 lbs from 11/09-6/10 then gained back 10 lb over summer. I would love to lose 30 lbs by X-mas. I.e. “Slim Down”

Oh and “Bulk up” that savings account. Could you imagine if we could do $50 a day? That would be $1500! I have so many plans, sell old clothes, sell stockpile stuff, sell some of those couches, roll spare change, collect old debts, have a garage sale, the list just goes on and on.

The hubby had a no seatbelt ticket in downtown Houston, i.e PARKING FEES

But alas, in a round about way he left with $20 for parking and came home with $35. Lol, if you know the hubby he has his own way of following the rules. So he car pooled with the other no seat belt wearer (Bad, Bad) he paid parking, his buddy bought the other guy breakfast, the other guy put $5 in a slot machine, and the hubby won $15 and brought my $20 back (YAY!)

And he had the ticket dismissed, funny enough he had been wearing his seatbelt, dropped his phone under pedal and unhooked in the u-turn lane where a kind policeman was watching to write him a ticket. But we also know a very kind policeman who helped get it dismissed.

So here are a few things we did to not spend money:
*Made breakfast at home- Organic waffles bought with coupon and rebate offer click here
*packed lunches
*Made dinner- Pork steaks, white rice, french bread, fresh corn, buttered carrots, homemade cheesecake
*Car pooled to pre-school, she took my son
*Walked to Elementary, took 3 bottled waters, soooooo HOT!
*Sold $30 in stockpile to go to savings (The hubby has lots of bachelor friends that love to get all their grooming products from my cabinet)

Spending on Day 1 $0, adding to savings $65, Total spending $0 Total to savings $65


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