Day 2 and 3 Getting the hang of this

Day 2 Spending $0
Day 3 Spending $0
Day 2 Savings $14
Day 3 Savings $1050

Total Spending $0
Total Savings $1129 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some things we did to save money:
*Made chicken fried rice for dinner using leftover rice, carrots, corn plus fresh chicken and frozen broccoli
*We gave away some storage cabinets to the neighbors who in turn will be giving us some milk in a few weeks, gotta love trading
*Car pooling, never did this in the past, so hard with 3 kids, but my buddy has 4, so we car pool to preschool and on Friday from elementary, Thanks Girlie
*Oh, and if you know me, you know that I love eating our, no dishes, alas we turned down eating out with friends. Opting for maybe cooking at our house

And the BIG news is…
My sister in law is getting MARRIED in 2 weeks!!! SO I made her invites for FREE!!!
I had some bulk ribbon left over and we bought some clearance paper back in August before these nuptuals were announced. I have left over big envelopes from making Open House flyers back in May.

So here they are:

I whited out her address

Where savings came from:
Day 2- Found some cash around the house
Day 3- *Let me know if you want to do this too*
Angelo opened a bank account a few months ago when they were offering a $500 Visa gift card. Then they said I could open one also and would get the last $500 gift card for the promotion (Now they offer $200- still GREAT) SO he received $25 for referral, I received $25 for being referred. Yeah $25 and we didn’t have to deposit anything to open accts!!!
Within 30 day I need to make 10 bill pay payments for over $25 each. Back in August I did Hubby’s by taking our $300 electric bill and splitting into 10 different payments of variable amounts. Done, no fees, no charges and we will receive $1000 in Visa gift cards in November!!!

If you are interested, I can give you more info, this is not a crazy scheme, real bank, real banker, real money and real VISA Gift Card!!!!


One response to “Day 2 and 3 Getting the hang of this

  1. Way to go Carrie! I absolutely LOVE my invites!!! Keep up the hard work!!

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