Day 4, We have to set new goals

Day 4 Spending $0
Day 4 Savings $478

Total Spending $0
Total Savings $1607 🙂 🙂 🙂 in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have met my savings goal already and it has been 4 days… New goal $5000!!!!I have no doubt we can do it, especially since I have not even put our income into savings yet.

Savings came from:
Rolling spare change, I duped poses, cup holders, drawers et. And rolled $78

Hubby went and scrapped metal with a friend, he earned $634.27, they split the copper (friend stripped it so they would get better price). Hubby kept $400 smackaroos

Ways we saved:
*we had friends over for nachos, they brought dessert.
We cleaned house and lounged around while daddy cleaned the yard


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