Day 5! The value of a stay at home wife!

Day 5 Spending $0
Day 5 Savings $350

Total Spending $0
Total Savings $1957 🙂 🙂 🙂 in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are taking a Financial Freedom Class at another church. It is a program by Dr. Morgan from Sagemont Church. We have taken lots of classes before like Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace” and “I was broke but now I’m not”. This is the first time, I think, that anyone has come right out and said that the “Husband” should not ask the “Wife” to work. After it is all said and done, you really don’t contribute financially and the family suffers. I know working makes some women happy, but being the one that provides the love and little things, brings me joy. *I do “work”, but I will never let my life suffer for it. I do what I can while they are away and try to entrust them to people when I have to be with clients.

I often feel looked down upon, that I do not have a career. I have 2 bachelors degrees from a good private university, I have a teaching certificate, a Real Estate Broker’s License, but I choose to stay home and do laundry, lol. I was a good teacher and I think I am a pretty good Realtor, I would trade it all to be with my babies for the next 50 years.

For the first real time, my husband said he loves that I can be home and that I add to our savings when I can. OMG, that means more to me than anything, evr, praise heaven, that is all I ever needed to hear.

So… Back to savings…
Hubby is really starting to get into this. He spent all day Saturday doing the yard, usually we pay a helper to do it. We put our pop up truck camper up for sale and sold it after 1 day! for $350

Hubby offered to deliver it, it was rocking so much that it bent the little trailer. SO we had to get neighbors invloved in putting it on another trailer.

Poor camper

Poor camper

And as usual- we ate at home 🙂


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