I am a sorta stay at home Mom. We have 3 children from 6 to 1. We own 2 small businesses. I am a Real Estate Broker, with a degree in Education. My husband is a contractor. I love Jesus, crafting, deal shopping, and my family 🙂

The purpose of this blog is to get out of debt.  I want to see where our money goes (mostly food and debt)  and work on really trying to get it under control.

People who know me, know I do NOT pay full Price for anything, except eating out.  We eat out too much.  My husband eats lunch out almost daily.  Then I like to eat out for lunch at least twice a week.  Then there is nearly every meal on the weekend.  The donuts around the corner.  And dinner like 2-5 times a week.

I bargain shop for all of our basic household items.  We never pay for deoderant, toothpaste, shampoo etc.  I then give away, stockpile, or sell the rest in garage sales.

WHY? September?  It was the only month that doesn’t really have any birthdays, holidays or events planned for our family.  I am really trying to think of a 2nd month.  But January has my b-day, February has son’s b-day, anniversary & valentines, March is Spring break, April is the baby’s bday.  Maybe May?  End of school is hard because preschool lets out mid May!  The summer, whew, impossible.  Maybe the first week of every month?  Let’s just get through September.


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  1. What about gas, etc……..are you going to walk everywhere?????

    • Ahhh, Gas. See this is why I need people to read. Hubby’s gas is a business expense. I think I will conserve as much gas as possible. I usually walk Maggie to school, then we will have to drive to church and preschool. Lets pray for sunny days 🙂

  2. Good Luck, I am glad to see it……………Keep us posted…..

  3. Sounds very interesting & a great idea! I’m guessing you’re not going to eat out at all??? That alone will save a ton! Is Angelo going to take lunch or is he going to be exempt? Also, are you going to stock your household & food supply before September? I say drive to church… it’s still pretty darn hot in September! I look forward to hearing about how this is going. Do keep us posted! =-)

    • The only thing that is “exempt” is materials, Angelo’s gas and labor. If I could talk him into it I would love to banish tolls, but we’ll see. I have a stockpile of groceries and household supplies that I will be continuing to stock through August. I hope to post an example of my Kroger trip tomorrow 🙂

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